• IT Consulting

    We advice companies across industries on IT strategies to help solve challenging problems and grow businesses.

    Our customers leverage our expertise in software development to develop innovative and robust products in a competitive time-frame. Our team has worked with startups in developing minimum viable products for initial market validation to large companies in deploying compliant software solutions in highly regulated environment.

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  • Product Development

    Our team members have ideated and developed many products across industries.

    Our current product development efforts are concentrated in healthcare, genetics, security, media and sports industry. While we have successfully developed software products for large companies, we are also skilled in assisting start-ups in defining and developing ‘minimum viable product’ to validate their big product ideas in a small budget.

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  • Data Analytics

    Companies today have the opportunity to leverage data to take more informed decisions, make processes efficient and draw game changing insights.

    We assist various companies in gathering data across the internet and structuring it for downstream analytics. We also have capabilities in machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate insights from structured or unstructured data. For instance, an e-Commerce company could leverage our recommendation engine to understand their consumer behavior to advertise relevant products.

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Areas of our Expertise

Hybrid Applications

Reach your users across multiple platforms such as android, web and iOS.

Web Businesses

From building an e-commerce website to getting business processes over web based platforms.

Digital Transformation

Identify best digital technologies to positively transform your business activities, processes, models or competencies.

Product Engineering

Low budget Minimum Viable Products for market validation to enterprise level software in regulated industries.