Outsourced Software Development

Delivering high quality software with competitive pricing and highly skilled team.

We help international clients focus on their core competencies while build time-critical software requiring deep domain expertise in a competitive time-frame and budget. Our team has experienced serving international clients with presence in the US and India which helps in reducing communication and cultural barriers. Working with us provides immediate access to a talented pool of individuals which not only saves time and efforts in recruiting such a workforce but also in efficiently scaling the development team based on business needs.

Application Modernization

We help to transform your legacy applications with our holistic new-age strategies.

All the old applications developed between before 2010 are made on legacy technologies which are either in the maturity or decline product lifecycle.
Why should you modernize?

  • Non-responsive UI makes rendering on new class of devices impossible
  • Interdependent business/data logic, and large monolithic code bases created unmanageable, spaghetti code; making even incremental changes a herculean task.
  • Inflexible and closed architecture that hinders web enabling and integrations.
  • Inability to scale due to lack of separation of concerns in traditional 2/3-tier architectures.
  • Unmitigated risk of unsupported software with closed architecture, and accumulated technology debt.

Digital Transformation

Collaborate and create new IP's by using your best practices into software systems creating new Digital enterprises.

Digital transformation is much more than technology or deployment upgrade, or merely digitizing a physical process. In a digital business ecosystem, a true digital enterprise should be capable of leveraging emerging technologies, take advantage of new opportunities and be part of multiple business models.

We offer the following services:

  • Assessment of digital needs of business landscape, limitations, and opportunities
  • Technology, process, and organizational assessment
  • Digital transformation strategy and roadmap

Product Engineering

Speed, Agility and innovation are some of the core concepts we follow to deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) complimented by our lifecycle development cycle.

MVP services will quickly deliver a working software that can be used to assess market need, validate core product idea and solution direction, demonstrate business viability, and attract early-stage funding. Our MVP services will enable you to:

  • Quickly develop a working prototype with a set of must-have features
  • Progress from idea to a clickable demo at lightning speed