More than a CRM

More than a CRM solution

Currently CRM's (Customer Relationship Management) tools are missing out on a lot of information due to their legacy build and orthodox approach towards the customers.

Relationship is elementary to any business and having a deeper understanding to nurture this relationship will result in better engagement with customers hence higher sales. Traditional CRM's capture only relevant part of the whole interaction in the company - customer relationship like the lead generation part with response management, monitoring customer interactions, sales and reports of various types but on the other hand there are some relevant factors with the customers engagement which are essential for future decision making i.e.

  • Customers do extensive research during the need recognition phase and understanding this behavior is quite important
  • The digital footprint of companies and customers available across platforms and is missing in the whole scenario
  • Business processes of different companies do not match to that of a customer and results in poor customer satisfaction.
  • customers end up creating their own BOK (Book of knowledge) and then enter this whole buying cycle hence this shift needs to be captured for better business transactions.
  • Post-purchase behavior across various social platforms can be critical to any company's reputation and this information is often mined after the damage has been done.
  • Customers are evolving and so is the business, integrating all the above-mentioned factors into CRM will result in better business. We integrate all these features into your current systems and the company can have a more customer-centric approach.